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Golf: A Needed Boost for the Construction Industry?

August 17, 2011 at 5:29 AMEric Drummond

It’s often been said that a leisurely drive to work can spurn ideas and solutions. Today was that day for me when light bulbs and thoughts centered on how the economy can be revived. My response is to build more golf courses.

You are sitting there reading and maybe asking yourself why. The sport is immensely popular and at its highest point with more people playing, taking lessons, buying equipment and apparel, and there has been an increase in television ratings. How often are you driving and seeing a sign advertising land for sale? I’d say I see this type of thing two or three times a day.

It would take a few simple things to get such projects off the ground. A good developer, a person to design the course and clubhouse, a general contractor, and the sub contractors. Imagine all these people going to work to build one course. Even if you built 50 courses over the next two years, the revenue would be incredible. People could apply for jobs to run the courses, maintain the courses, and the golfers would have new courses to try out and lose more golf balls.

No one is saying that this is easy or realistic, but if you don’t dream, then you can’t achieve.

 Where I live in Massachusetts they talk about building casinos and state government gets involved. The golf course is a better option and people shouldn’t feel like they are losing money playing golf.

Here’s an example: A couple of weeks ago I played with my boss and two of our customers in a golf tournament. The beauty was being outside, riding around in golf carts exchanging ideas, doing a little business but best of all just having fun. With the way the economy is people are clamoring for fun. That’s why we look forward to the weekend.

Think about all the materials needed to build a golf course: steel, brick, water, cement, lights, sand, floors, drywall, etc. This would be a win-win for a variety of different industries.

 The construction industry is very important and could use all the help we can give it. Not to mention people who are seeking jobs from golf pros, cooks, waiters/waitresses, landscapers, maintenance just to name a few.

  Many of the new courses I see also have residential communities, some with village markets, built around the course. This adds greatly to the value of the course, as well as adding considerably to the contractor’s job.


Let’s band together and get a message out to the people who have the undeveloped land that the economy could use a boost as well as the sub contractors. They would thrive with this type of project. More people would have fun and hopefully the economy could receive a much needed shot in the arm. Best part: Washington wouldn’t need to be involved.

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