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The Way Business is Affected: The Evolution of Social Media

May 18, 2011 at 10:54 AMEric Drummond
Just a few short years ago we walked around with pagers, large cell phones capable only of making calls, left our lumbering computers that would take up our entire desk at home, and strolling down a city street we would pass by an occasional pay phone.  You may ask yourself: What does this have to do with Social Media?


The roots of Social Media stem from the phone, television, internet, and the thirst for more.  Our thirst caused these media outlets to blend together until the boundaries between these devices no longer existed.  Although some would never admit to it, we are in business to make money.  These days the pager is obsolete (unless you work in a hospital.)  Cell phones are so small that I confuse mine with a TV remote.  Television has exploded to offer hundreds of stations coming from all over the world, and through a variety of ways including satellite, fiber optics, cable, and digital airwaves, all in life-like digital quality, and you’re even able to watch what you want, when you want, through the digital libraries of TV service providers.

New technologies have broken down all delays or expenses that kept us from instant contact with everyone all over the world.  Our television antennas no longer limit us to local channels.  Our computers are not only connected, but we no longer hear the long delays of a telephone modem hooking up. Our cell phones are no longer a novelty, dropping calls, limited by analog coverage, and with prohibitively expensive service.  The pager was replaced by the text message.
Social Media is the child of television, phone, and internet combining forces and delivering to us instant access to anything anywhere. 
If your business has not embraced the revolution of Social Media let’s look at some statistics:
·         1 out of 8 couples that marry meet thru social media.
·         If Facebook were a country it would rank #3 in population behind India and China.
·         You Tube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web.
Social Media is here to stay.  A company can enhance their brand thru not only content marketing but also by utilizing many of the various social websites at their disposal.
Social Media has and will continue to evolve because of curiosity and human nature.  A business that takes advantage of creating buzz around their brand will be successful in the new way that business is going to be conducted in the future.  It’s not How we should do Social Media but When we will do Social Media.


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