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Gearing Up to Break Ground: Are You Ready?

July 15, 2011 at 6:04 AMDoug O'Roak
This week I attended a forum with Massachusetts Lt. Governor Tim Murray held in my hometown.
It’s always interesting to see what the administration is up to in a non-election year, and I also wanted to ask about the status of the Casino Gaming Bill, which, if passed will allow up to three full resort-style casinos in the state.  You can imagine what a boon to the local construction industry that will be.
I got to ask my questions, and unfortunately learned the bill will be on hold until September, as the summer will be spent on judicial reform bills.
While I was there, an activist for the Jones River Watershed was asking questions about plans to improve the watershed infrastructure, stating she was concerned about a recent Sysco plant that broke ground last week in Plympton, and she was sure the plant and the 900 workers would add a strain to the current water infrastructure.
The governor, in his response, talked about how Federal stimulus had dried up, but the state needed to formulate a plan to improve infrastructure state-wide. 
His concern is, to improve the economy and attract new business, which will ultimately create jobs and revenues, we need infrastructure improvements to support the new business.


Without improved infrastructure, we can’t grow.
I think this statement is true for any business, and specifically, a contractor’s business.
While the state is waiting for the economy to improve, they need to work on improving infrastructure to support and sustain the business, but in the meantime, business owners need to improve their own infrastructure.
On a local level, I’ve watched planning board meetings, and things are starting to gear up.  In my own neck of the woods, there is an 1100 home development gearing up to break ground, a new factory that just broke ground, another 180 home retirement development in the planning stages, and another stage of development planned in a golf community, as well as a dozen other projects in the idea stages.
Things are starting to gear up, and there will be more projects coming, like the resort casinos (hopefully.)
Are you ready?  Is your business ready?
One of the best ways to improve your business’ infrastructure is to implement a robust construction accounting package  that can help run your business more efficiently, save you money, cut costs, and improve your processes.
You don’t want to take on a project like that while you’re in full tilt, so consider it now.
There are many packages to choose from, so do your homework, and choose wisely.  Having the right tools and the right infrastructure will help you get the business, and make it as profitable as possible for you.  Be ready.

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