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Our History

Serving Contractors and the Construction Industry Since 1979

C/F Data Systems, based in Weymouth Massachusetts, has been servicing the Construction industry since 1979. C/F Data’s management team has an average tenure of over 20 years and its support staff also boasts a group of dedicated specialists who have worked for the company for an average of 10 years. C/F Data’s active approach to listening to its clients needs, has allowed us to always have an uncanny ability to predict the next trend in construction software.

Bridging the Stability of the Past with a Vision to the Future

C/F Data Systems was founded in 1979 by Dennis Coleman, who came from IBM with a background as a systems engineer. Initially the company developed custom programs for different industries including law firms, trucking companies and electrical wholesalers. At that time, the company sold “turnkey” systems which meant that C/F provided their software as well as the hardware. Later that same year, there seemed to be a trend towards developing software for a few local specialty subcontractors, one of whom was Broadway Electric, a company C/F Data is proud to still have as a client today. The company grew at a steady rate expanding its presence throughout Massachusetts. In 1985, Eric Goldstein was hired to expand the client base. At first C/F started to market in other New England states, attracting a number of contractors in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire and ultimately Vermont and Maine as well.

In 1990, C/F established a second office in Oakbrook Terrace, IL to attract new clients in the greater Chicago area. Very quickly they established their reputation in this market and added clients from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. Around that same time, as the industry changed, so did C/F. Open operating environments like UNIX were becoming prevalent in business computing environments so C/F converted their programs accordingly, while continuing to maintain all of the functionality they had built into their initial product. In the late 90’s, as networking PC’s together became more stable and was being adopted by more and more companies as a cost efficient way to run office applications, C/F once again adopted to the changing technological landscape by converting their product to a Windows environment and renaming the product STRUCTURE. The advent and adoption of the internet made it much easier for C/F to increase their visibility with companies across the nation and C/F started attracting contractors from everywhere. The internet also allowed them to institute their on-line tele-training program which predated WEBEX and other online collaborative tools and is still available today.

In 2007, several principals from one of C/F Data’s largest clients, CAS , an ENR top specialty contractor, liked the company and product so much, that they decided to purchase the majority interest in C/F Data with the intention of helping to fund future development and sales growth. CAS developed a product of their own called CASim which is based off of the data coming from the STRUCTURE system.

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About C/F Data Systems


For over 39 years, CF Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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Working hand in hand with STRUCTURE's desktop applications are a suite of mobile apps designed to even further enhance productivity.

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About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years, C/F Data Systems has been servicing the construction industry with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs.

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Mobile Solutions

The STRUCTUREmobile FieldLinc Suite offers a collection of mobile applications that are linked to STRUCTURE for use in the field.  This allows you to have access to key functions of STRUCTURE even when you are not sitting in front of a desktop.



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