About C/F Data Systems


Located in Weymouth, MA, C/F Data Systems develops and sells integrated Project Management, Job-Costing, construction accounting software.  For over 40 years, C/F Data Systems has been helping specialty contractors to increase efficiency, improve the business process, and drive profitability.  We've been able to do this with our construction accounting software, STRUCTURE.

Support Staff

What separates C/F Data Systems from the competition is our amazing support staff. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to get an answer to a question or having to endure long wait times to get one. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver amazing support to our customers. We do not outsource our support operations, all of the support staff are located at our headquarters in Weymouth, MA.


Here is some more information about our support staff:

  • The average tenure of our support staff is 15 years. This ensures that you get the right answer the first time

  • Remote desktop access, allowing for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Typing on a Computer

Development Staff

We have an entire team dedicated to the development and maintenance of STRUCTURE. These bright minds work tirelessly to maintain and improve the program. If a customer has an issue with a particular module, our development team will always be there to solve the issue.