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Procurement and Purchasing Modules

Structure Blue’s procurement and purchasing modules are the tools you need to keep purchase orders rolling and track inventory efficiently, in-house and on your trucks.

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Purchase Orders

Efficient management of purchase orders keeps your projects rolling. With STRUCTURE Blue, you can create purchase orders that satisfy all methods of purchasing. Learn more...


Inventory Control

STRUCTURE Blue makes materials management fast, easy and efficient. Enter your receipts into the Inventory Control module directly, or integrate to Purchase Orders and receive via a packing slip or invoice receipt. Learn more...

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Truck Inventory

With STRUCTURE Blue you will never have to worry about losing track of materials that are in trucks. Working alongside the Work Orders module, Truck Inventory allows you to keep tabs on all materials that are placed on service vehicles. Learn more...

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Roll Inventory

Designed specifically for the flooring industry, the Roll Inventory module lets you track inventory specific to flooring contractors. Learn more...

Purchase Orders
Inventory Control
Truck Inventory
Roll Inventory

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Project Management

The perfect solution to control your entire project in one place, from one screen

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Executive Center

See one number representing your entire project & go deeper for crucial job information

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Customer Support

Industry-leading training, product support located in Weymouth, MA



A customized plan that fits your business with live training sessions & support


Experience The Best in Contractor Accounting Software.

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