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What is STRUCTURECloud?

STRUCTURECloud is everything you know and love about STRUCTURE Blue with one amazing advantage: you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Your data is stored in the cloud, safe from anything that could damage it, like malware and viruses.

This means you don’t have to worry about expensive servers or backing things up. We’ve got you covered. 

Because STRUCTURECloud is a subscription service, your upfront costs are substantially lower than purchasing on-premise software.


What's included in STRUCTURECloud?

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One or more User Licenses, which can access STRUCTURE 

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Access to the STRUCTURE basic modules as well as modules selected at time of sale 

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One or more Mobile Licenses for STRUCTUREMobile applications (TimeLinc, TechLinc, and ChangeLinc)

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Integration with your Microsoft Office, online file storage, and email

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Tax Updates

Latest tax tables for payroll for federal, state and selected local tax jurisdictions as well as changes to government mandated forms such as W2’s and 1099’s

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Industry-leading training, product support, including access to C/F Data Support website


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Hosting services including virus protection, data backup, and network security

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Access to software upgrades as they are released

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Windows Virtual Desktop license to run STRUCTURE and related applications


STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software can help commercial contractors manage their business.

Solutions for Commercial Contractors Brochure

Let our customers tell you what they like about STRUCTURECloud

“STRUCTURE Cloud has enabled our company to operate all of our business functions without fear of our own hardware crashing. Overall the costs associated with STRUCTURE Cloud have been lower than operating and maintaining the system on our own servers as we used to do. We’re very satisfied with STRUCTURE Cloud. Frankly speaking, I don’t see a scenario where it would make sense to return to a self-managed server with the speed and service we get from C/F Data and STRUCTURE Cloud.” 

- Jason R. Elkin, Fischer Commercial Flooring

Questions? We have answers.

What's NOT included with STRUCTURECloud?

Licenses for Microsoft Office 365 are not included with your purchase of STRUCTURECloud. If integration is desired, you obtain licenses for email, Microsoft Office 365, and online file storage accounts. Once information is provided, STRUCTURECloud can seamlessly link to these.

Also, technical Support does not include troubleshooting of local customer network issues.

How often is my data backedup?

C/F Data will run a full daily backup of all data stored in the STRUCTURECloud environment, performed between 8pm EST and 6am EST. If data needs to be restored, the data will be current as of close of business for the previous day. Daily data will be retained for at least one month. 

Are software upgrades automatically installed?

You will be notified about software upgrades upon release, however, to give you maximum control over your business operations, upgrades will not be automatically installed. You can initiate installation at your convenience.

Do I still own my data?

Although C/F Data oversees the management of the Cloud environment, all customer data entered into the Structure platform is owned by the customer.

Upon cancellation, the customer has the ability to request an export of data from the STRUCTURECloud system, which will be provided at a customer-specified online location.

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