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Partnerships & Associations

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Accubid is full featured electrical estimating software solution that simplifies the complete construction workflow, from electrical estimating to purchasing, project management and billing.



MeasureSquare is a provider of world-class measure estimating software for flooring contractors.

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Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar provides estimating software for heavy equipment and highway contractors.


Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts

The Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts is one of the leading associations for specialty contractors in the state

CFMA_logo copy.jpg

Construction Financial Management Association

The Construction Financial Management Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the educational needs of the today's construction financial professionals.


Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance

Provides member of the flooring industry with educational and training programs, finance, sales and marketing services, and exciting sales incentive programs.

Starnet_Logo copy.jpg

Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership

With over 170 locally owned full-service flooring contractors representing more than 300 locations throughout North America, Starnet is an influential force in the flooring industry.

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HCSS provides estimating software for heavy equipment and highway contractors.

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Trade Service

Trade Service provides pricing services for electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors.

vision_infosoft copy.jpg

Vision InfoSoft Corp.

Vision InfoSoft Corp. authors the EPIC pricing service for electrical contractors. Also provide estimating software for electrical contractors.

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Harrison Publishing House

Harrison Publishing House provides pricing services for plumbing contractors Also, authors of the Bradford pricing book.

Spec Intel.jpg


Spec-Intel™ is the world’s largest database of commercial flooring materials that it leverages to optimize the sourcing, selection, and management of building material data. Tasks from sample ordering and labels, to professional and branded technical documents, are 90% automated on a cloud-based platform that improve workflows, data accuracy, business decisions, and ROI.

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