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Commercial Flooring Contractors

Learn how STRUCTURE Blue, an end-to-end construction accounting solution, meets the unique needs of flooring contractors.


Software Designed Specifically for

Commercial Flooring Contractors


Quote Proposal

Track the entire bid process from invite to bid to awarding of the job

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Project Management

The perfect solution to control your entire project in one place, from one screen

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Roll Inventory

Track your rolled goods, non-rolled goods and sundries, job inventory and stock inventory

STRUCTURE Blue Modules


Accounts Receivable

View and analyze your cash flow from every conceivable vantage point

Job Cost.png

Job Cost & Billing

Analyze all significant details of each job, summarize costs and compare costs to the budget


Accounts Payable

Keep track of your cash by automatically posting purchases to Job Cost and General Ledger

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Automatically post labor to job costs, as well as track vacation, holiday and earned sick time


General Ledger

A powerful general ledger system with user-created capabilities that make it shine

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Document Management

Easily store and manage documents digitally for your company

Premium Modules

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Executive Center

See one number representing your entire project & go deeper for crucial job information

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Quote Proposal

Track the entire bid process from invite to bid to awarding of the job


Inventory Control

Materials management that's fast, efficient, and saves you money

Roll Inventory.png

Roll Inventory

Track inventory specific to flooring contractors

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Project Management

The perfect solution to control your entire project in one place, from one screen

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Work Orders

Dispatch service while keeping an eye on your resources and profitability

Fixed Assets.png

Fixed Assets

Establish a complete list of all equipment and set up different billing rates

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Track location changes, quantity changes, and even issue cuts, all from the scanning device 

Purchase Orders.png

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders that satisfy all methods of



WorkForce Scheduling

Schedule the necessary resources for all upcoming projects

Truck Inventory.png

Truck Inventory

Keep tabs on all materials that are placed on each and every service vehicle


ChangeLinc App Icon.png


 Create change order requests and email the proposal to customers instantly.

TechLinc App Icon.png


Access service history, get directions, enter a description and capture a digital signature.

TimeLinc App Icon.png


Send a list of jobs, cost categories, employees & equipment to devices in the field.

Experience the Best in Contractor Software


For over 40 years, C/F Data Systems has been serving flooring contractors with solutions that address their unique office and financial needs. STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including quoting, billing, roll inventory, payroll and project management.

Let our customers tell you what they like about STRUCTURE Blue

"STRUCTURE Blue has saved us so much time! We used to have one system (Excel) for bidding projects and then upon the award, the projects would be re-entered into another system (QuickBooks) for accounting. Another wonderful improvement we've seen is following up on submitted change orders with the reports available for aging unapproved change orders. We are a little over one year in with STRUCTURE Blue and still excited about it every day!"

Nichole Poindexter-Wilson, Poindexter Flooring

—  Name, Title

STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software can help flooring contractors manage their business.

Solutions for Commercial Contractors Brochure

Experience The Best in Contractor Accounting Software.

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