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Learn How to Make More Money with Quote Proposals

At C/F Data Systems, we aim to make the day-to-day management of your commercial construction business easier. By developing powerful tools that help you stay ahead of the game, our team of experts will provide you with everything you need to maximize profits.

We want you to succeed in the flooring manufacturing business. In order to help you gain an edge over your competitors, we added a Quote Proposal module to STRUCTURE Blue to make your life easier. In this blog we’ll review how Quote Proposals can help you make more money in your commercial flooring construction business.

Knowing your customers

An important part of the quoting process is knowing who your target customer is and what they need. We look at your past sales and show you where you can improve, giving tips to help you grow. Access all of your past bids from one place and learn what works for them and what you should avoid on future quotes.

Streamline and improve

Quote Proposals can be used to streamline the bid process & create jobs for the flooring industry. Quote Proposals are great for performing analysis and evaluating bids. You'll quickly be able to see why some of your quotes were awarded higher and how you could've improved your quote.

Easily transform bid information to job

Doing business without wasting time is paramount to success. Structure turns quotes into jobs in seconds so that you can get on with more important things, like winning more jobs. STRUCTURE’s Quote Proposals module will automatically create the job in the system, including the contract amount and budget information once a bid has been won.

Get insight into the bidding process from one screen

When you use the quote proposal module, you can:

  • List all of your quote proposals to see which opportunities you won, those you lost and those you are still trying to obtain.

  • Analyze your wins and losses by general contractor, type of job, estimator, competitor or one of a hundred different criteria.

  • View all activities associated with a specific project in one place — estimates, proposals, documents, drawings and historical costs.

  • Save time by copying a previous estimate to create a new one.

  • Create proposals faster than ever before with features like assembly pricing and automatic markup calculations.

Today’s businesses operate faster than ever. And, with that speed comes pressure for your sales employees to meet tight deadlines of challenging sales cycles. But, with Quote Proposals, STRUCTURE’s online quoting and proposal software, you can help your team meet those challenges and make more money in the process. Quote Proposals offers the tools they need to effectively manage the often-complicated bid process.

Hear what our customers have to say…

“[STRUCTURE Blue] saves me about a day and a half total. And when I asked one of our oldest salespeople here he said that it saves him about a week.”

Nichole Pointdexter-Wilson from Poindexter Flooring, a commercial flooring contractor

We’re probably saving days per week. Just in terms of not having to keep three separate spreadsheets to track all of the financials which then has to go through another program which is also – the software we were using before was not designed for how we run our business. It’s great to have something that is!”

Austin Steele from Majestic Floors, a commercial flooring contractor

Our commitment to you

We want our customers to be successful in their businesses so they keep coming back year after year. Our goal is to help them grow by providing the best service possible from our office in Weymouth, MA. Call us at 781-337-9900 or click here for more information about how we can help your company succeed!


STRUCTURE Blue is a cloud-based construction accounting software that helps you get paid faster, reduce errors and improve cash flow. It’s easy to use and affordable for any size company.

Click this link to schedule a free 30 minute demo with one of our knowledgeable consultants who will show you how STRUCTURE Blue can save you time and money managing your construction projects!


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