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"STRUCTURE has drastically changed the lives of everybody here."

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We recently spoke to some of our customers about their experience with our software, STRUCTURE Blue. We wanted to know exactly how our software has changed their workload and how helpful it is to them. We were a bit surprised by some of the answers. I bet you will be too!

We spoke to a client of ours in the commercial flooring industry, Nichole Pointdexter-Wilson from Poindexter Flooring.

CF Data: Before you used STRUCTURE Blue - could you describe the process and what was it like when you would do a proposal?

Nichole: Our guys would do it on a legal pad, all their cuts or all their rooms and then add it all up. And then I would enter it into QuickBooks as an estimate and then we got really fancy and I made an Excel spreadsheet to take over the legal pads. And so they had an Excel spreadsheet that I had put certain formulas in and things like that, codes for taxable, not taxable. But they would print them onto giant legal sheets. They’d leave them on my desk and then I would spend about a day and a half every week data entering all their estimates and all of their purchase orders into QuickBooks. Nobody was using a computer but me.

CF Data: What is it look like now?

Nichole: Much better. Now they still do their blueprints on paper. We have one part-time salesperson, Sarah, who’s experimenting with the online takeoffs and things like that. They still do takeoffs and blueprints on paper, then they enter it in STRUCTURE. They still do their own orders, but they just do them right through STRUCTURE. The only things that I’m doing are actual accounting things instead of project management and sales things.

CF Data: How much time has STRUCTURE saved you on a weekly basis?

Nichole: It saves me about a day and a half total. And when I asked one of our oldest salespeople here he said that it saves him about a week.

We also spoke to Austin Steele from Majestic Floors, who is also a commercial flooring contractor.

CF Data: What was the biggest benefit of moving to STRUCTURE?

Austin: I think one of the things that was a problem area for us was that everything was very disjointed, every way through every single part of the process. And I think our accounting people were so far over the limit in terms of frustration. They were running everything basically on a combination of spreadsheets and TurboTax.

The biggest advantage to STRUCTURE is that we are able to tie together all the parts of our business into single points and run everything from one program. It has drastically changed the lives of everybody here, from day to day and throughout the year. We couldn’t be happier with the switch.

CF Data: How much time has STRUCTURE saved you?

Austin: We’re probably saving days per week. Just in terms of not having to keep three separate spreadsheets to track all of the financials which then has to go through another program which is also – the software we were using before was not designed for how we run our business. It’s great to have something that is!


We are so pleased to learn that our software is changing the lives of our customers and their employees in such amazing ways!

See how STRUCTURE Blue can change you life too!

STRUCTURE Blue is the end-to-end construction accounting system that you are looking for. Our customer support is second to none and ready to support you and your company through every step of implementation and training. We’ll be here when you need us!

About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry with solutions that address contractor’s unique financial needs. STRUCTURE Blue provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including billing, inventory, payroll and project management.


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