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Got Positive Pay?

Today I’d like to speak to you about our Positive Pay Program. According to the 2014 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, conducted by J.P. Morgan Chase, 82% of organizations affected by payments fraud report that checks were targeted. Among organizations suffering a financial loss due to payments fraud, the typical loss was $23,100.

It is important that you keep your business finances safe. C/F Data Systems wants to help you do just that with our Positive Pay program.

Positive Pay provides you with protection against check fraud. The program will create a file of your daily checks written from Accounts Payable or Payroll that you can send directly to your bank. When a check is presented to the bank for cashing, it can be verified through the file created. The file verifies the check number and/or amount was not altered. For more infomration about our Positive Pay Program contact us at 781-337-9900 or email


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