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Take 90 Minutes to See How We Can Make Your Business Better

If you’re in the contracting industry, or you service the construction industry, than you know you run a very specialized business.

To run your business, you need very specialized software to manage your operations.

If you employ more than 20 people, it’s not an option to pop into Best Buy and pick up a copy of Quick Books. You need to employ a software company that hopefully has everything you need to run your unique business and tie it all together. You need that company to offers world-class setup, training, and support. And you need that company to continue to grow dynamically, just as your contracting business does.

Though the main focus of any business management software is accounting, you need the software to connect all the dots. You need to do job costing. You need to be able to quote. If you’re a service contractor, you need to issue work orders. You may need to track your inventory or your fixed assets. And I’m sure project management would be a plus.

Since your financials are all tied together by the software, in addition to G/L, payables, and receivables, you may want to be able to do payroll and issue your own checks.

To go a step further, you may need special forms for AIA billing, and you may need to set up all sorts of special rates, costs, and benefits for union workers and jobs.

As an executive or financial officer, you may simply want a dashboard set up so you can review key performance indicators and metrics.

The software you use to manage your contracting business must be robust and all-encompassing, but it must also be easy to use, easy to learn, and offer great support.

With so much activity gearing up in the construction industry for contractors, now may be the time to beef up your office to handle the coming load.

Here at C/F DataSystems, LLC., we offer free online demos of our accounting software package, and we offer job cost, project management, payroll, work orders, and many other modules that you may want to tie in to your system. Our account managers can help find the system that is right for you, and our support staff and development team are on-site to help you get started and go live in a very short time.

We’ve been in business for 33 years, and we’ve maintained our focus on serving the needs of contractors. We’ve seen what others have to offer, but no one has the experience or dynamics that we do.

A great compliment we always hear is that our customers feel like our office becomes an extension of theirs when they sign on to STRUCTURE.

Our online demo is less than 90 minutes, it’s free, and it will answer all your questions about how we can make your business better. Sign up now!


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