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The “BRAINS” of the operation

Business Reporting Automated Intelligence Notification Service (BRAINS) is a feature which allows STRUCTURE Blue to run programs and send emails automatically from the server. You could say it’s the “BRAINS” of the operation. 


BRAINS can schedule certain reports to run at specific times and automatically email them to the proper individuals within your organization, saving you time and increasing your efficiency. BRAINS allows your payroll process to become automated. Payroll direct deposits can be emailed out directly to 

your employees, eliminating the need to print and mail them out.

Normally you have to manually refresh the Executive Center, which could take quite some time to finish. You can set BRAINS to automatically refresh the Executive Center at any time you like. For example, you can have BRAINS set to refresh the Executive Center at midnight so when you come into work the next morning your updated information is there waiting for you. The best part is that BRAINS is offered at no extra cost to you.

STRUCTURE Blue construction accounting software can help commercial contractors manage their business.

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Project Management

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Customer Support

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Executive Center

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