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Keep Field and Office in Sync with Mobile Apps

Construction companies are making more use of smartphones and tablets to help their workers make faster work and stay connected with clients and vendors across the country. Whether it’s route mapping or the ability to share files, these apps make construction sites more efficient and efficient in turn. With technology advancing rapidly, the need for reliable construction apps has never been higher. Construction Mobile Apps are easy to use which makes it easier for construction companies to complete projects more efficiently.

Mobile apps are necessary to keep your business running

The convergence of mobile platforms, data and talent is creating a new disruptor effect in the office. Gone are the days where individual staff members maintained paper records and made calculations on their own. Commercial construction businesses are establishing data-backed workflows with mobile devices acting at the center. Apps allow employees to access information remotely without calling into the office or returning paperwork to the office. Mobile apps make remote work a breeze, saving you time and money every single day.

Mobile apps are easy to use

Some mobile apps need weeks or even months of training to get your employees up to speed. With your business, you don’t have time to mess around. You need apps that are self-explanatory and easy to use. STRUCTURE Mobile apps are intuitive and easy to use. Even the most novice user can navigate them easily.

Mobile apps save time

One of the best ways to keep field and office working in sync with mobile apps is by using apps for scheduling and delegating tasks. When an employee leaves the office to go to a job site, they should know where their tasks are scheduled so they don't have to waste valuable time and money scrambling for the right details. With our Mobile apps, it’s all in the palm of their hand.

Mobile apps save money

Imagine if your employees never had to return paperwork to the office. Everything can all be done through your mobile phone or tablet. Not only would this make communication between your team faster and easier, it would also help you stay organized. As more companies begin to embrace mobile apps for employee communication, remember that these tools not only make employees more productive but also help you stay nimble in managing your business.

Mobile apps make the experience better for your customer

Mobile apps make life easier for you and your customers. With STRUCTURE Mobile you can create change orders on the spot and have your customers sign them right on your phone or tablet. Then you can email the change order directly to them, so they have a copy and know exactly what’s going on. With this type of workflow, there’s no room for misplaced paperwork or expensive confusion.

Our commitment to you

We want our customers to be successful in their businesses so they keep coming back year after year. Our goal is to help them grow by providing the best service possible from our office in Weymouth, MA. Call us at 781-337-9900 or click here for more information about how we can help your company succeed!


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