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Moving Away From Paper

If there’s one thing that contractors a decade ago used more than anything, it was paper. Even today many contractors still use paper in every facet of their business. Here are some items that contractors typically use paper for:

  • Paystubs

  • Invoices

  • Work Orders

  • Change Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Timesheets

  • Year End W2s

  • 401k Reporting Forms

  • Balance Sheets

  • T&M Slips

  • Inventory Lists

These are just few of the many things contractors use paper for. Imagine the amount of money spent each year on paper alone? There are real downsides to relying solely on paper.

Harder To Keep Track Of

One can only imagine the amount of documents that businesses keep. Unless you have an efficient method for cataloging those documents you may be out of luck. One of the biggest disadvantages to paper is that you can lose them. Constantly. You might throw it on your desk and forget about. After a week or so after more and more papers add up, it might become near impossible to find it again.

Clutters Your Office Space

One of the easiest ways for your workspace to become messy is by papers stacking up. It is pretty common for people to toss papers onto their desk and forget about. Well after about a month of doing so it begins to build up. After a couple of months what was once a neat workspace becomes a disorganized clutter of paper. By becoming a paperless office you can prevent that clutter form ever happening. Keeping your workspace tidy!

Not Eco Friendly

Making paper requires the use of trees, water, and energy. The more paper we use, the more resources that will need to be consumed. You can help reduce greenhouse gases by reducing the amount of paper you use. So there are clear benefits for the environment by going paperless.

How Construction Accounting Software Can Help

What if rather than having to sort through stacks of paper to look for an invoice from six months ago you could access it from your desktop? How much easier and cheaper would it be if you could email out paystubs to your employees each week?

With construction accounting software you no longer need to conduct your business exclusively on paper. Everything you do on paper can now be done and stored within the software. Invoices can be generated on your PC, and can be emailed out to clients. Balance sheets can be viewed and W2s can be generated and emailed out. Virtually every aspect of your business conducted on paper can now be conducted on a computer. Imagine the amount of paper you can avoid using? So why wait? Go paperless today!


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