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How Mobile Time Tracking Apps Save Time

Mobile apps are an important part of work life as more and more companies look to maximize their productivity and efficiency. Mobile time tracking apps are being used in the construction industry to save time by eliminating trips to the office, keeping track of contractors, improving accuracy and increasing the amount of time spent away from work.

Contractors now have the ability to use powerful apps on their smartphones and tablets to work effectively in the field. A wide variety of applications are available to the construction industry, including time tracking, assets management, materials usage, project management, GPS tracking, service dispatch and more. In this article we are going to discuss how mobile time tracking apps save time.

Eliminate office trips

Every industry, including construction, is able to easily keep track of crews as they travel from job site to job site. It’s hard to keep track of your crews when you have multiple job sites. Some companies even operate in multiple states, rarely seeing some of their field employees. With a mobile time tracking app your crew can submit their time sheets no matter where they are. There is no longer a need to write things down and then worry about getting them back to the office. They can enter everything into their smart phone or tablet.

Keep track of your crew

Mobile time tracking apps help you keep track of where your employees are in real time. You know where everyone is and what they are doing all the time. This allows you to make sure you have the right crew in the right place in real time. It also helps you to keep track of crew members who are missing from their jobs or late to work. Catch issues before early, before they become problems.

Keep track of costs

Having real time data on where your crew members are will help you keep track of what costs are associated with what job in real time. You can allocate costs quickly and correctly, giving you the ability to make decisions faster. Stay on top of where your money is going at all times.

Increase efficiency

Mobile apps allow your crew to enter their time from the field, reducing the amount of time spent driving to the office to drop off paper work and entering that time into the computer. Your efficiency will skyrocket when crews can enter their time into an app and have it update automatically in the office at the same time. Your office staff can spend time doing something other than data entry!

Improve accuracy

The most accurate information is gathered at the source. Having your crew enter their time into the system from their mobile device will improve your accuracy and reduce the chance for mistakes later. Not only are you saving time by having only one person enter the time, but you are also saving time by making sure the data is right the first time.

Mobile time tracking has immense benefits for contractors. It allows you to keep track of crews working in the field and can help make billing easier, payroll easier, increase efficiency and maximize your work time. It’s a crucial tool to help bridge the gap between the office and the jobsite.

Are you looking for a mobile time tracking app for your company? We have the perfect solution for you!

TimeLinc, part of the STRUCTURE Mobile suite, is our time tracking app. TimeLinc lets you send a list of jobs, cost categories, employees and equipment to devices in the field. Your foremen can enter daily time for labor and equipment which is uploaded directly to Structure Blue, reducing redundancy and saving you time and money.

With the STRUCTURE Mobile apps, you can bring critical features of STRUCTURE Blue with you into the field.

  • Report Time

  • Track Materials & Equipment

  • Create Change Orders for Jobs

  • Create T&M Slips in the Field

  • Dispatch Service Calls

  • Capture Digital Signatures from

  • Customers

  • Email Invoices to Customers


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