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The All in One Quoting and Accounting Software Solution for Flooring Contractors

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Pavilion Floors came to us 13 years ago with a simple problem: the company needed a more efficient way to track their bidding process and were seeking an all in one solution for their accounting and project management. Their company had outgrown the outdated method they had used for years and were looking for a better solution. We were happy to help them accomplish this goal.

Located just outside of Boston, in Woburn, MA, Pavilion Floors is one of the largest commercial flooring contractors in the Northeast. Some of their projects include the Wayfair corporate offices in Boston and the FAS Center for Global Business at Northeastern University, also located in Boston.

Mechelle Desroches, Director of Operations, knows how difficult it can be to keep track of operations and finances for such a large and busy business, especially when it comes to bidding large and significant projects. It’s important that the bidding is done correctly to win customers and continue to keep the business alive and thriving.

We need something better

The company recognized in the early 2000s that they needed a better solution for bidding jobs and keeping track of current projects. They wanted a software system that would encompass their jobs from quoting down to the last payment. Mechelle explains that is what they found with STRUCTURE Blue.

“The quoting system is what makes STRUCTURE Blue so appealing to us as flooring contractors. We can quote a job and run the job from start to finish with just this one program. There’s no need to have anything else for accounting or project management. It’s all completely integrated and gives us everything we need from start to finish.”

The biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges when buying new software is implementation. It’s a recurring problem as well every time you hire someone new or have to train someone to use such an all-encompassing program. Pavilion knew that they faced a big challenge in integrating STRUCTURE Blue, but they were up to the task. They utilized two important features that come with STRUCTURE Blue: The Learning Company and our tenured support staff.

The Learning Company is a complete company set up to help your employees learn how to use every aspect of the system. It comes complete with the data you need to run all of your tasks without risking your own data before you are fulling confident in your new skills.

The second piece is our support staff, who are the real stars at C/F Data Systems. Our support center is located in Weymouth, MA and is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable staff, ready to answer your questions every day. They average 15 years of experience and are eager to assist you in whatever challenges arise.

Let’s talk about what STRUCTURE Blue can do

We are excited to have Pavilion Floors as customers because we know that our product, STRUCTURE Blue, meets and exceeds all of their needs.

The quoting module, built specifically for flooring contractors, enhances the bidding process by giving Pavilion the ability to create custom bid templates to meet all of their needs. They love the feature that STRUCTURE Blue provides of turning a bid into a job with ease. Transferring all of the bid information to a purchase order makes this process so much easier.

They also love the Project Management module, which gives their project managers the power to manage their projects easier and smarter. They no longer have to go hunting in multiple locations for different information about their projects. All of the information for every job is in one place, in one convenient module, with the ability to see everything they need with just a few clicks. They can get in-depth information about their projects and build reports that make their job easier.

Overall, STRUCTURE Blue has been a real gamechanger for Pavilion Floors. They accomplished their goal of refining their bidding process and found an all in one solution that makes sense for their company. We provided an integrated system that helped them take their business to the next level. We are proud to call them customers!

About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry with solutions that address contractor’s unique financial needs. STRUCTURE Blue provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including billing, inventory, payroll and project management.


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