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One Simple Rule to Implementation: Excellent Customer Support

The customer is always right. No doubt you’ve heard this. You probably implement some version of this motto into your business as well. After all, you won’t have a business without customers, so it’s important to keep them happy.

We take customer support very seriously at C/F Data Systems. We know how important it is to have someone there for you when you’re learning and implementing new software. Providing excellent customer service starts with a genuine desire to take care of your customers. You have to consider the whole customer experience from the first time you come into contact with them. You need a personalized approach that is adaptable to all businesses and ever learning type.

Implementing software into your business can be a challenging endeavor. There are two keys to making the transition a lot smoother: training and support.


At C/F Data Systems, we take a personalized approach with training. The training process starts months in advance. Our support staff conduct personalized classes for you and your team for every module of STRUCTURE Blue you purchase. These classes are exclusively tailored to your business and your needs.

We walk you through every step of the process to make sure you and your employees have a thorough understanding of your new construction accounting software system and have a working knowledge of the program.

Your software purchase also includes a comprehensive training curriculum that covers every question you could come up with. Whether you learn from seeing or from studying, we’ve got you covered!

We also give our customers access to a learning company where you can perform all of the daily, quarterly and yearly tasks with sample data, to build further confidence in your new skills. We want to make sure you have the skills you need to be successful in your new program well before you go live.


Not only do you get personalized live classes for learning your new software program you also get access to our incredible support team, located in our Weymouth, MA headquarters. Our service excellence comes from support staff who’s tenure averages more than 15 years! Our team knows all of our customers by name and genuinely cares about each and every one.

From implementation and training to ongoing support, we will make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Hear what our customers have to say

"I have been working with C/F Data Systems for 24 years. The support team at C/F Data is outstanding and they have always exceeded my expectations when resolving a problem or troubleshooting. I highly recommend C/F Data for all your construction needs"

– Michelle, Renaud Electric & Communications, Inc.

"We have been with C/F Data Systems since 1991 and it never fails to amaze us that whenever we are in a pinch C/F always resolves our issues. Theresa and Erin are my heroes - it's not often but when it happens I run into issues with payroll from having to re-establish our direct deposit file to something as simple as entering the wrong week-ending payroll dates which many of the users know can affect job cost reports and month end reports. Kudos to all the support staff and C/F management team."

- Lettie Butler, G&M Electrical Contractors

“Not only does STRUCTURE Blue provide everything that is needed in the construction industry, their customer service is second to none. If you have a question, just pick up the phone and someone is there to answer it. They walk you through your problems and don't give up until you are satisfied."

– Elizabeth, Florence Electric

See what we can do for you!

STRUCTURE Blue is the end-to-end construction accounting system that you are looking for. Our customer support is second to none and ready to support you and your company through every step of implementation and training. We’ll be here when you need us!

About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry with solutions that address contractor’s unique financial needs. STRUCTURE Blue provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including billing, inventory, payroll and project management.


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