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Now’s the Time to Ditch Paper

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Contractors are notoriously slow at adapting to new processes and technology. While other industries have readily embraced going paperless, we have lagged behind, clinging to an outdated and clunky system. If ever there was a time to embrace technology in business, it’s now.

This year has taught us that things are rapidly changing. We can’t rely on things that we once thought were certain, like being in the office every day or transferring information on paper. It’s time to embrace paperless technology and the app age.

What we use paper for

The list of items that contractors typically use paper for is long. It includes:

  • Invoices

  • Work Orders

  • Change Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Balance Sheets

  • T&M Slips

  • Inventory Lists

  • Timesheets

  • Paystubs

  • Year End W2s

These papers clutter your office space, take time and space to file and easily get lost, creating even more headaches and lost revenue.

There has to be a better way

Believe me, there is! The right software program will be a gamechanger for your office. STRUCTURE Blue’s Document Management module is a perfect digital filing cabinet. You can attach any type of document to the right place: job, employee, subcontract, customer, vendor, material record, service location and equipment. You won’t waste time searching everywhere for the right document. It will be right where you need it to be every time.

It’s automatic

We rely on technology to do all of the hard work for us these days. This is true for Document Management as well. This module includes automated workflows that make sure your documents are attached to every place you need them to be with one simple step.

No one gets through here

It’s also extremely secure. We know you need to keep information confidential. We’ve made it easy for you to limit access to sensitive job and financial information to only the people who need to be able to access it and no one else.

Take it everywhere

Not all documents need to start out on paper though. Some never have to be on paper at all! Instead you can collect information on your phone or tablet and send it right back to the office and into STRUCTURE Blue, in one simple step. STRUCTURE Mobile gives you the ability to collect time cards, track materials and equipment, create change orders, dispatch service calls and so much more! You can be truly paperless with these apps!

How the right software changes everything

When you have the right tools for the job it’s so much easier! Instead of spending your time sorting through stacks and stacks of paper you can access what you need right from your phone or computer in a matter of minutes. Everything is right where you think it should be, right where you need it to be, every time you need it.

Your life will be so much simpler and easier with STRUCTURE Blue!

See what we can do for you!

STRUCTURE Blue is the end-to-end construction accounting system that you are looking for. Our customer support is second to none and ready to support you and your company through every step of implementation and training. We’ll be here when you need us!

With the STRUCTURE Mobile apps, you can bring critical features of STRUCTURE Blue with you into the field.

  • Report Time

  • Track Materials & Equipment

  • Create Change Orders for Jobs

  • Create T&M Slips in the Field

  • Dispatch Service Calls

  • Capture Digital Signatures from Customers

  • Email Invoices to Customers

About C/F Data Systems

For over 40 years C/F Data Systems has been serving the construction industry with solutions that address contractor’s unique financial needs. STRUCTURE Blue provides solutions to manage all areas of construction operations including billing, inventory, payroll and project management.


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