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5 Ways Mobile Apps Keep Your Field Techs and Office Aligned

Paper has been a staple of the construction industry for years. However, it is now a thing of the past. No more waiting for techs to come to the office with signed work orders and change orders. No more waiting days or weeks to bill customers. We live in a new era of electronic forms and instant billing. Mobile apps take it one step further, right into the palm of your hand.

It’s important to keep the techs in the field and the support staff in the office on the same page. With techs in the field, that can be a difficult task to accomplish that requires a lot of time and effort. But with mobile apps, everyone can stay connected with the same information that syncs across all platforms. Here is how it works:

1. Keep track of employees

Your employees are your biggest asset and your biggest expense. Keeping track of them is important. Making sure that they are where they need to be is just as important as making sure that they get paid on time and the right amount. Mobile apps can expedite this process for you. Have employees or foremen enter their time from the field, eliminating the need for calling the office or dropping paperwork off at a later time.

Time cards sync with your accounting software to keep you in the loop with employee time and job cost information. You get live updates to keep better track of your jobs in real time.

2. Manage materials and equipment

Inventory and equipment are an integral part of every job. Keeping track of both is of utmost importance to make sure that costs are allocated correctly, customers are billed correctly and your profits stay in tack. With mobile apps you can assign what materials and equipment are used to each job, getting the most accurate information in real time.

3. Submit change orders in real time

Change Orders are common in construction. Staying on top of them is key to keeping jobs moving and profitable. Mobile apps let you write up a change order in the field, capturing all of the critical information right from the source. You can capture the customer’s signature on the spot and send a copy to the office and the customer simultaneously.

4. Bill customers immediately

With mobile apps, you no longer need to wait for customers to sign papers and then for your field techs to bring them to the office. You can capture an electronic signature and send the virtual paperwork to the office immediately.

5. Save time and money

Mobile apps are the wave of the future. They are a fast and efficient way to connect your field employees with your office to keep everyone up to date at all times. Being able to track employee time, material, equipment, and change requests via mobile apps saves you both time and money. You will be amazed at how much more efficiently your office runs with less paperwork and more productivity!

Finding the right software and mobile apps are just as important as what the software does. It needs to be something that works for your business and that your employees can easily use. C/F Data System’s STRUCTURE Blue was designed specifically for specialty contractors.

STRUCTURE Blue is construction accounting software that ties together critical aspects of your business's operations, including project management, job cost and billing, work orders, workforce scheduling and inventory control.

With the STRUCTURE Mobile apps, you can bring critical features of STRUCTURE Blue with you into the field.

  • Report Time

  • Track Materials & Equipment

  • Create Change Orders for Jobs

  • Create T&M Slips in the Field

  • Dispatch Service Calls to Techs in the field

  • Capture Digital Signatures from Customers

  • Email signed work order and change requests to Customers

All of the apps sync with STRUCTURE Blue. Any information entered into the app is automatically uploaded to STRUCTURE Blue.

All STRUCTURE Mobile apps are compatible with iOS and Android devices. STRUCTURE Mobile apps are a feature of STRUCTURE Blue and are not sold separately.


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