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The Best Way to Keep Track of Your Business

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Work Orders make your business easy, efficient, and profitable. Keep track of your dispatch board, generate quotes for customers and easily convert them into customers. In this blog post, we'll explore 5 reasons you need work orders in your construction accounting software.

1. Recording Work Performed

Work orders are the best way to keep track of what work is performed on a job. Whether you're billing your customer, or getting reimbursed for your own supplies, having a record of the work you've done will help you manage costs and revenue.

2. Pricing Jobs Correctly

Pricing jobs correctly is a challenge with any construction accounting software, but it's especially difficult if you don't have work orders. Without work orders, you'll need to rely on separate pricing sheets or scribbled notes to determine what was done on each job. This can result in missed charges and mistakes that can cost you money!

3. Submitting Quotes Easily

You'll never miss an opportunity again if your construction accounting software includes work orders! When a customer calls about a project, just pull up the quote that was created when the project was first received and send it off without missing a beat! If you need to update the quote because of changes in costs, it's easy to do.

4. Managing Projects Easily

You'll be able to easily keep track of different projects within your construction accounting software by using work orders! You can even assign jobs to different employees so everyone knows who is responsible for which project.

5. Creating Invoices Quickly and Easily

Invoicing your customers is easier when you have work orders in place! You can easily create an invoice by pulling up the appropriate work order and filling in the details. Your customer will appreciate getting a detailed invoice that shows exactly what they're paying for, rather than a vague list of items with prices added on.

In conclusion, adding work orders to your construction accounting software is imperative. Work orders will allow you to keep track of your projects more easily, manage your employees more effectively, and invoice your customers accurately.

C/F Data System’s STRUCTURE Blue has just the solution for you with our Work Orders module.

Make sure the right people are in the right place

Dispatch service representatives to specific jobs with our work orders module. Get instant access to client information, credit history and equipment at the site with just one click!

Make orders easier

Generate quotes for your customers and convert them into orders. Open order reporting by status, priority, date/time, customer, order number, job, truck, service representative or zone. Send your service technician all relevant call information right from the dispatch board through TechLinc, an integrated app from Structure Mobile.

Improve data flow

With STRUCTURE Blue’s flexible work flows your data can flow into the work order and export to payroll and job cost. You can also enter the labor in payroll and pull those costs into the billing in the Work Order module. You can pull in costs from purchase orders as well.

Automate the Process

Automatic tracking of material inventory by truck as well as automatic billing of scheduled service contracts. Preventive maintenance scheduling capability with automatic preventive maintenance work orders. Generate cost and profit analysis by job and service technician.

Do More

Open order reporting by status, priority, date/time, customer, order number, job, truck, service representative or zone. Automatic recall of work order for billing ability to handle COD’s. Automatic pricing for labor and material updatable from services such as Trade Service or Harrison. Cross posting to accounts receivable, job cost, payroll, and general ledger as required.

Our commitment to you

We want our customers to be successful in their businesses so they keep coming back year after year. Our goal is to help them grow by providing the best service possible from our office in Weymouth, MA. Call us at 781-337-9900 or click here for more information about how we can help your company succeed!


STRUCTURE Blue is a cloud-based construction accounting software that helps you get paid faster, reduce errors and improve cash flow. It’s easy to use and affordable for any size company.

Click this link to schedule a free 30 minute demo with one of our knowledgeable consultants who will show you how STRUCTURE Blue can save you time and money managing your construction projects!


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